Pete Goffe-Wood

Malay Seafood Curry

Malay Seafood Curry



This curry base is a winner – it keeps for quite a while in the fridge so don’t stress that it makes more than you need for this particular recipe. It works perfectly well with the seafood but can be used in chicken as well as lamb dishes – just substitute it in recipes that call for a blend of spices or paste. It also makes the base for a great spiced soup with the addition of some stock.

Wine notes:
Chardonnay, Chardonnay, Chardonnay – this dish is spicy but not hot and a fat, rich, alcoholic and wooded Chardonnay would certainly hit the mark. Nothing too old as the complexity would be lost, just something upfront and fruity.


400 g mussels
2 crayfish tail
8 tiger prawns (peeled and deveined)
200 g squid
1tin coconut milk
40g (2 tbsps) Malay curry base
2 flat breads
10g (1 tbsp) mint, chopped roughly
10g (1 tbsp) basil, chopped roughly
MALAY CURRY BASE: (Makes 3 cups)
50 ml vegetable oil
1 onion, finely chopped
2 red chillies, chopped
5g (1 tsp) whole cardamom
10g (1 tbsp) star anise
8 whole cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
2 bay leaves
20g (1 tbsp) freshly crushed ginger
20g (1 tbsp) freshly crushed garlic
5g (1 tsp) ground cumin
10g (2 tsp) ground coriander
5g (1 tsp) turmeric
15g (3 tsp) Malay curry powder
75g (¼ cup) mild fruit chutney
410g coconut milk
1 handful fresh coriander roughly chopped


Steam the mussels in a covered saucepan with a little water. When the mussels have opened, remove them from the pan, strain the remaining liquid into a separate saucepan and bring to the boil.
Add the coconut milk, then the prawns and squid and cook for 5 minutes, when the prawns have changed colour add the mussels and crayfish tails.
When the mixture begins to simmer, stir in the spice paste. Adjust the seasoning and remove from the heat.
Stir in the herbs and serve with flat breads.
Fry the onion and chilli in the oil. Add the dry spices, garlic and ginger.
Add the curry powder, stirring constantly so that the curry powder does not burn, and the flavours from the spices are released.
Add the chutney and coconut cream and simmer for 30 minutes. Once cooked remove from the heat and add the chopped coriander.
When the mixture has cooled in will keep in the fridge in a sealed container for at least a week.